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Review your financial condition, automatically rack up savings, and earn rewards just for securing your future — too good to be untrue.
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Jam Packed — Sweet Features

Automagical Budgeting
Link your accounts and in seconds your budget is automatically generated — see where your money's coming from and going to, and easily see the difference that's available to save.
Save Time Saving Money
Set targets and we'll do the rest — or configure a round-up debit card that evens out all your purchases and deposits the difference into your savings account.
Do Well, Be Rewarded
Meet or exceed your goals, reach milestones, or just get lucky — grab rewards like increased interest on deposits, cash bonuses, discounted credit, and more.
We Heart Credit Health
Watch your credit score rise in real-time as our algorithms strategically steer your money towards the most impactful debts.
Key Communications
Get notifications at insightful moments, or if things don't look right be immediately connected to a trusted representative from your home bank.
No Fear of Commitment
Customize your level of commitment to saving with an array of methods that can make changing your mind slightly more difficult.
"Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen six — result, happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty ought six — result, misery."
Charles Dickens

It's perfectly ok to be all thumbs with your money.

With the Cashcare app you can customize every feature of your account and track your successes — anywhere, anytime.
Live Sync
All your accounts are updated in real-time — never miss a beat.
One Number to Rule All
Know where you stand with just one click — get a single score for your financial condition with tailored advice on how to improve it.
Connect instantly with a representative from your bank to tweak your setup and receive personal consults.
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Your questions, answered.

Who's behind Cashcare?
We're a hybrid 501(c)(3) supported by a consortium of credit unions. We've built a mutually beneficial link between these banks and their customers. They help us help you, and we help you help them. We don't profit from our service; instead, we are funded only to the extent of our operating costs.
Where did the idea for Cashcare come from?
Research studies carried out over the last several years show statistically significant positive outcomes in savings behavior when information is coupled with action. Cashcare builds on that research. We don't come out of an oil change with only a brochure, so why should banking be any different?
What are commitment settings?
We make it easy to set money aside, track savings growth, and improve your financial health. But to make it stick, we've added a feature set that allows you to control how difficult it is to change your mind — prevent reversal for a couple of days, require two-factor authentication, or configure a combination of hurdles we've designed.
What kinds of benefits can I expect from using Cashcare?
Foremost, you control your money — so the potential to benefit rests with you. We facilitate your financial wellbeing with an array of tools and relationships. If you take advantage of Cashcare's features and remain disciplined, you might expect to have increased savings, a better credit score, reduced debt, and advantageous interest rates.
How secure is Cashcare?
In short — very. We deploy leading cryptography technology to protect your sensitive information, and we are fully PCI compliant. Cashcare is always running 256-bit SSL encryption to ensure transactions are securely executed. Our professionals work with member banks day in and day out to keep systems functioning reliably.
Where can I learn more?
We meet you where you're at — literally. Cashcare hosts workshops nationwide (click here for the schedule). You can find a qualified representative at each participating bank. We also provide information with bank statements and credit card bills, and we offer Cashcare setup help when opening new accounts or setting up direct deposit.

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Our Members

We've partnered with 300+ credit unions across the country to make Cashcare accessible to future-seekers just like you.

What's in it for them?

Your financial health relies on a cushion to soften the impact of unsuspecting life events. That's your reason to save. But we want you to save too, because our members do well when their customers do well. The more deposits they hold, the more they earn on investments; the better your credit, the better their lending opportunities.
We believe transparency is the best policy — great banking is a partnership, and we're in this together.
Cashcare, Inc. ・ 2018 ・ We're a hybrid 501(c)(3) consortium
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